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Thursday, September 4th, 2008
12:40 am
On why we are dead. . .
If you hadn't noticed, we haven't updated in a month. This isn't because we have shuffled off the mortal coil; nor is the comic completely dead. What happened is as follows: Nnie went on vacation, I couldn't update by myself, and the comic dropped for a week or two. Then Nnie got to thinking about something that I had brought up awhile ago- that we really should reboot the beginning of the comic. The first pages are, to be honest, quite crap, and the storytelling thus far could use some serious work. Yet, there isn't any way we could revamp the back-end while still going forward with updates. So, to make a long story short, we've stopped plowing along into the bullcrap until we can figure out how we can suck less.

We're not going to make any promises about when things will come back or in what fashion. This is just an explanation for the people who were following along, all three of you, as to what happened and why we dropped off the map.

Frankly speaking, our schedules went from being at odds to being virtually incompatible with Nnie doing what she needs to do and myself at retail for the time being, so we're really at a loss for time to work on the comic and actually make progress. I've been personally really sapped for energy and inspiration, so my contributions are pretty much nil. If you're still reading, we'd appreciate any suggestions or feedback on how to make Odin's Children work better- site, story, art, anything.

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Saturday, March 29th, 2008
3:29 am
. . . When I write up lj posts, I should actually, y'know, post them more often. Woops. At any rate, this week's delay is my fault for not being on the ball yesterday, but we hope it's worth the wait.

Notice anything different? Maybe? Yeees. We're going to be in color. It turns out that color might be easier on both of us, and Nnie has had quite a bit of practice with that. I'm firmly going to bite my tongue about any and all mentions of updating and timeliness from now on, because, well, I suck. -_-;;; But we'll be back again next week. Just don't ask me when.
Friday, March 14th, 2008
2:04 am
Late update this week.
All right, folks, I'm sure it won't surprise many of you that we're going to be late updating this week. Later than usual. Nnie has been eaten by a grue this week (which remarkably resembles her college honors thesis stress), and I can't do this shit alone- or at least, it's going to take me longer on my own to do something.

I'll do my best to get either a regular page with Nnie's help or a color something on my own out by the end of the weekend. Nnie is really far too busy right now with things that take precedence, and I've been getting extra hours sprung upon me by work. >_< Please, bear with us.

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Friday, March 7th, 2008
4:44 am
Kiriban time!
It seems I've neglected my posting duty just a bit. Woops~ It is my duty to inform you that, first, we're switching to Thursday updates until Nnie's semester is done. At present, she has a hell of a class schedule for Wednesdays, and that's not conducive to our usual last minute update schedule, so Thursdays it is. We'll switch back when she's done, promise.

And moving on to our second order of business. . . it's kiriban time! Our stats page tells us that we have over 5k distinct visitors- which means we need to thank all 5k of you for reading! Thank you~ We hope you enjoy the little preview of things to come. Things are going to get fun soon.
(And now, I shall take my rambling incoherent self to bed. At 5 a.m. -_-; That might explain things.)

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Thursday, February 14th, 2008
2:34 am
Update, maybe?
Well, this could have been a regular update, but we got derailed by sick and a lack of sobriety. *sigh* I imagine the page will be up Thursday afternoon, and if it isn't, I shall have no sympathy for Nnie's hangover. :P In the meantime, my alcohol of choice is Nyquil.

Enjoy your Riku-page when you can get it!

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Thursday, January 31st, 2008
3:41 am
Well, it looks like we're actually ready to update on time today (relatively speaking) but Godaddy is not on the same page as us. Our ftp server is . . . not letting me in to update, and this makes Winds grouchy! On the other hand, the page is looking pretty damn shiny and it should be going up as soon as Godaddy will let us, so if you look, perhaps it is there!

I applaud Nnie for updating the gallery earlier this week, but we ought to poke at the rest of the site more, too. Does anyone have any questions they want answered? Or any fan-type things for us to link to? XD (I know, I ask too much, but it would be beyond awesome.) I did have someone ask us how long it takes us to make each page and what goes into it, so perhaps we can talk about that next time. (Hint: it takes a lot longer than we wish it did.) Until then~

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
7:11 pm
Just thought I'd pop on to let everyone know that I actually updated something using html. The gallery, to be precise. Nothing new there, actually, just put scaled down versions of the holiday art in the gallery. The full sized versions can be found in the archives, but I like showcasing our few recent pretties. Speaking of pretties, why can't I just sit down and draw some really amazing first arc art? Everything I draw I can't even really put in the gallery yet because of *gasp* potential spoilers! Ah well. Everything in time. I'll probably dump all my artwork in the second arc gallery when the time comes, hehehe : P (Varying levels of quality... some of it is OLD)

In other news, I randomly googled our comic and found someone put in a small, general blog-post blurb about us. It was quite flattering, actually. It makes me wonder how many people really do look at our work, but like me looking at my favorite webcomics, never make themselves known. So in my head I'm contemplating maybe when we start doing more ads with project wonderful and the obligatory legitimate spamming of livejournal communities, maybe polls, surveys, quizzes and even contests with actual Odin's Children related prizes might pull some potential fans out of the wood works.

I'm also working heavily on my own solo project, and I have to say despite the constant stress and berating myself that I could be putting more effort into each but I'm not, I'm fairly content with the progress being made on both. Odin's Children has yet to suffer an actual hiatus, and my own project so far actually has an end in sight and whether or not I can reach it seems to fall on the 'Just keep going! Don't stop!' philosophy.

So if you get a chance, particularly on Thursday when you're guaranteed to actually see some new material (updates Wednesdays my buttocks) check out http://odins-children.com. And if you haven't given the gallery a gander in say- oh- more than a few months, then you might notice some new stuff in there- but don't get too excited. They're mostly all pictures that have been featured in the regular comic updates.

Nnie, signing out.

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Friday, January 18th, 2008
1:42 am
We have, indeed, updated today! Things were a bit slowed by us requiring little things like sleep and food. . . and the fact that our heat died on us in thirty-something degree weather. We got kiiind of cold before the heating company finally got their act together and were stirred into fixing things, but at least it was nothing big fuzzy socks, an extra layer and plenty of tea couldn't handle. Nnie is ending her winter break shortly, but we hope to keep more or less on schedule and bring you more plot-ness next week. See you then~

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Thursday, January 17th, 2008
4:45 am
Er. It's the +1 time again. . .
Due to issues with inking on low blood sugar (read: Wind had wobbly hands like WHOA), page is going to be a bit late. And by a bit, we mean, Thursday afternoon. After we've had enough sleep to actually focus, we'll post the page properly. We /could/ finish it now in an hour or so, but to do so would sacrifice too much quality, since neither of us are in the zone to do it and by god it's late. >_< We'll edit/repost later when we've got something to show you. Ciao~
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
3:23 am
Happy Birthday!
To both Odin's Children and Nnie!
It's hard to believe we've been up for a year already. Just looking at the art, we've come a good ways since this time last year. The story is admittedly moving glacially slowly, but we agree that having once a week updates is a lot better than promising more than we can deliver.

Good news is, we're about to start moving things forward in the story pretty soon. The new year will bring more changes, hopefully for the better. XD There might be an actual plot sighting soon! We hope everyone enjoyed that fan-servicey interlude, which did actually have a point. Honest. (And Sabre being naked was all Nnie's fault, seriously. :P)

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Thursday, January 3rd, 2008
5:28 am
Woot! New Years Art!
I is proud of Winds. But seriously, we both really pulled through, even though as usual our timing for updates remains abysmal. This week's art is Wind's holiday concept, and really, my only role was putting in the fireworks (with judicious use of the dodge tool, various colors and lighting, and some freeshare brushes made by Immrgy on DevArt) and futz with the lighting and color levels a bit. Rest was all Winds. And really, who else can make Sabre that pretty?

So yes, pages to continue next week. Like, actual pages. I know, we do still do those, I swear!
So check it all out at http://odins-children.com

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Thursday, December 27th, 2007
11:40 am
Happy Holidays Everyone!
New artwork added to site, this time slaved over pretty much entirely by Nnie, who is wondering why her counterpart decided to go AWOL. Methinks she's forgotten it was a Wednesday... Oh well.

Please check it out at http://odins-children.com!

Anyways, Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully we'll be able to keep this updates on track! (....right.)

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Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
6:52 pm
Happy Turkey Day!
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We have indeed updated more or less on time, despite being occupied with family and turkey and things like mass cleaning before the former. Now it's time to pencil more pages. . . and do Christmas shopping. XD;; (So not looking forward to working Black Friday, not at all! ^^;;; Do me a favor, people, if you go shopping? Don't be an ass to overworked overtired employees who have been there since before the dawn.)

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Thursday, November 15th, 2007
3:42 am
Well, we would have had this page out on time (for us, anyways) but . . . long story short, BLUE SCREEN O' DEATH. -_-; And that set us back about, oh, two hours. Wasn't that fun. Nnie has been swearing at me the whole way for not having my computer set up to handle files at 300 dpi and twenty layers. I am all "Normally this is not an issue!" . . . because it is usually not my poor antiquated Cicero who has half the harddrive space of Nnie's Dell brick that is handling the pages-in-progress. She would like it known that while hers is twice as big, it also has 40 times the amount of space free. I am all ". . . Buy me more CDRs, and possibly that would not be an issue. -_-;" (She also has a backup harddrive. Oi!)

Anyways! Today was productive, next page drawn, next three outlined. We'll be seeing Epee soon~ (Who is Gabe. *headdesk* Yeah, we haven't covered that ground yet, but we'll get there.)

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Thursday, November 8th, 2007
9:43 pm
Late crossing the finish line, but at least we're there!
This week's page is a wee bit late, but totally worth it. Check it out here!

We're now advertising on Online Comics, so hello anyone who came to us from there! ^^ This week we'll do online comics, next week or two I'm going to give advertising on Project Wonderful a shot, so we'll see how /that/ runs. If anyone has any suggestions for similar webcomics we should be advertising on, I'd appreciate it.

As far as vice versa goes, I don't foresee us being able to sell adspace any time within the next year or more, (unless we suddenly become a hot commodity, which would be fabulous but highly improbable) so don't worry about seeing anything on our webpage. ^^

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Thursday, November 1st, 2007
2:57 am
Happy Halloween!
We are not, in fact, dead! Instead, we were merely sleeping. *cough* Well, really, we just didn't have anything together for last week, and it's a bit of a miracle we made it for this week anyways. (There were a few technical difficulties. Say, Nnie's computer died again and Wind misplaced the folder with the screentones. Minor issues, really!) We are very definitely going to attempt to avoid having a two week outage again any time in the future, but that can be very difficult to predict between contrasting schedules, life, issues and illness. >_< At any rate, we've got the next page planned out as well, so look forward to a timely update again~

Check out the updated page here!

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007
10:39 pm
Oops happens.
Sorry, guys. Hope you enjoyed the chibi! We tried to come up with something better to post, but right now we're behind, and there's a lot on our plates. Nnie had family affairs to take care of, and plenty of make-up work in the mid-semester crunch afterwards. I've had two-of-three trips to the DMV, a b-day, and an unpleasant cold to tackle. I'm bushed, ready to be well-drugged, and Nnie's at the end of her rope.

Frankly, we have the next page . . . 2/3rds sketched, but it's sitting at my desk. And I'm not in possession of a functional scanner, which is something I plan to remedy soon-ish. -_-; There's only so much we can do at a time, unfortunately. But damned if we don't do cute chibis!

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Thursday, October 4th, 2007
3:17 pm
Seeing as Nnie has been rather . . . forgetful about updating the lj community lately, I shall step in to let you all know that we've updated as usual! Of course, I shall forgive her because that page was pretty much entirely her effort and rather last minute. -_-; We've been too busy gaming on the rare occasions we get together lately to be working as much on pages as we should, but who could blame us? Prince of Persia is an awesome series! (And before that, it was Devil May Cry. Ehehe. We have a thing for the trilogies.)

At some point in the near future, I'll finally be getting a new tablet, so I'll hopefully be rejoining the effort to make pages and site-art more often. For everyone who is not Nnie and in the know, my old tablet has been mostly-dead since the beginning of summer. This puts a distinct crimp in my ability to do digital art, and I am pants at traditional media. -_-; Nnie really is the serious artist over here. That's why I'm web-monkey!

On the upside, we're moving in to chapter 3, and after the necessary interlude with a Riku, we'll be starting to introduce the real plot. Yes, plot! Hang in there, folks, it's going to be a long ride.

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Monday, September 24th, 2007
1:23 pm
As you may have noticed...
In a somewhat bizarre mood swing, I decisively changed the 'about us' section of Odin's Children. (Though I had been planning to for a while, to get our full names out of the spotlight of the site. The disclaimers may or may not be changed later.) Do not be alarmed. The Satan/Clay Aiken thing is obviously a joke, as last time I checked, I don't sing bad, stalker-ish pop. (If you happen to be Clay, please don't sue. I'm broke. And funny. But mostly broke.)

Anyways, with any luck, a new page Weds!
Thursday, September 13th, 2007
1:23 am
Winds is a loser, so Nnie updated page by herself.
Again. I think I need to hire a new web monkey. XP (To give her some credit though, she's done a lot of work in laying out and sketching some of the latest pages, so I'll forgive her... this time.)

In other news, I think this may be the last page of Chapter 2. Expect some shiny new stuff next week, if all goes to plan! Peace!


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