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Just thought I'd pop on to let everyone know that I actually updated something using html. The gallery, to be precise. Nothing new there, actually, just put scaled down versions of the holiday art in the gallery. The full sized versions can be found in the archives, but I like showcasing our few recent pretties. Speaking of pretties, why can't I just sit down and draw some really amazing first arc art? Everything I draw I can't even really put in the gallery yet because of *gasp* potential spoilers! Ah well. Everything in time. I'll probably dump all my artwork in the second arc gallery when the time comes, hehehe : P (Varying levels of quality... some of it is OLD)

In other news, I randomly googled our comic and found someone put in a small, general blog-post blurb about us. It was quite flattering, actually. It makes me wonder how many people really do look at our work, but like me looking at my favorite webcomics, never make themselves known. So in my head I'm contemplating maybe when we start doing more ads with project wonderful and the obligatory legitimate spamming of livejournal communities, maybe polls, surveys, quizzes and even contests with actual Odin's Children related prizes might pull some potential fans out of the wood works.

I'm also working heavily on my own solo project, and I have to say despite the constant stress and berating myself that I could be putting more effort into each but I'm not, I'm fairly content with the progress being made on both. Odin's Children has yet to suffer an actual hiatus, and my own project so far actually has an end in sight and whether or not I can reach it seems to fall on the 'Just keep going! Don't stop!' philosophy.

So if you get a chance, particularly on Thursday when you're guaranteed to actually see some new material (updates Wednesdays my buttocks) check out http://odins-children.com. And if you haven't given the gallery a gander in say- oh- more than a few months, then you might notice some new stuff in there- but don't get too excited. They're mostly all pictures that have been featured in the regular comic updates.

Nnie, signing out.
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