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Oops happens.

Sorry, guys. Hope you enjoyed the chibi! We tried to come up with something better to post, but right now we're behind, and there's a lot on our plates. Nnie had family affairs to take care of, and plenty of make-up work in the mid-semester crunch afterwards. I've had two-of-three trips to the DMV, a b-day, and an unpleasant cold to tackle. I'm bushed, ready to be well-drugged, and Nnie's at the end of her rope.

Frankly, we have the next page . . . 2/3rds sketched, but it's sitting at my desk. And I'm not in possession of a functional scanner, which is something I plan to remedy soon-ish. -_-; There's only so much we can do at a time, unfortunately. But damned if we don't do cute chibis!
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