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Kiriban time!

It seems I've neglected my posting duty just a bit. Woops~ It is my duty to inform you that, first, we're switching to Thursday updates until Nnie's semester is done. At present, she has a hell of a class schedule for Wednesdays, and that's not conducive to our usual last minute update schedule, so Thursdays it is. We'll switch back when she's done, promise.

And moving on to our second order of business. . . it's kiriban time! Our stats page tells us that we have over 5k distinct visitors- which means we need to thank all 5k of you for reading! Thank you~ We hope you enjoy the little preview of things to come. Things are going to get fun soon.
(And now, I shall take my rambling incoherent self to bed. At 5 a.m. -_-; That might explain things.)
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