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On why we are dead. . .

If you hadn't noticed, we haven't updated in a month. This isn't because we have shuffled off the mortal coil; nor is the comic completely dead. What happened is as follows: Nnie went on vacation, I couldn't update by myself, and the comic dropped for a week or two. Then Nnie got to thinking about something that I had brought up awhile ago- that we really should reboot the beginning of the comic. The first pages are, to be honest, quite crap, and the storytelling thus far could use some serious work. Yet, there isn't any way we could revamp the back-end while still going forward with updates. So, to make a long story short, we've stopped plowing along into the bullcrap until we can figure out how we can suck less.

We're not going to make any promises about when things will come back or in what fashion. This is just an explanation for the people who were following along, all three of you, as to what happened and why we dropped off the map.

Frankly speaking, our schedules went from being at odds to being virtually incompatible with Nnie doing what she needs to do and myself at retail for the time being, so we're really at a loss for time to work on the comic and actually make progress. I've been personally really sapped for energy and inspiration, so my contributions are pretty much nil. If you're still reading, we'd appreciate any suggestions or feedback on how to make Odin's Children work better- site, story, art, anything.
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